Steve White Construction

Both remodels and additions require a great deal of personal planning on your part, but you won’t be doing it alone. These two types of projects make up a majority of our work and each year we encounter something new, so don’t be afraid. Design them as basic or complex as you like, and we’ll help make your dream project come true!
While they may require lots of planning, remodels and additions aren’t the most complicated projects to complete, which is a good thing! The process typically goes as follows:
  • Meet with us to discuss your ideas and the plausibility of your project. We’ll discuss possible permits that would be required and some cost overruns. Depending on the market, it’s important to know that we may need to discuss how materials and labor costs/availability may be affected, as well as how the cost of material is volatile and may increase.
  • If required, meet with an architect and engineer to discuss the design of your project
  • Once your plans are completed, meet with us for the initial product selections so that we can start the budgeting process
  • Begin your project! Depending on the scope of work, these types of projects can take anywhere between a month to almost a year. Typically, anything over a year would be in line with the time frame of an average custom home.
As your general contractor, we personally take care of all the demo and clean-up, and most of the framing and finish carpentry. As discussed above, due to labor constraints we may oversee framing and finish carpentry from sub-contractors when needed. All other services required to finish your project will also be completely overseen by us. We specialize in Kitchen remodels, Bathroom remodels, Whole Home remodels, and additions of any kind. Take a look at our pictures to get a better idea of what we can do and contact us with any questions that you might have.